Managed Services Overview

Today’s economic environment is more competitive than ever. The last thing you need or want to worry about is the reliability and safety of your IT infrastructure.

Let CTSI be your 24×7 enterprise-class virtual operations center, providing quick and reliable support for all of your infrastructure needs. Our monitoring and preventive services ensure that your network and computer systems are running optimally so that you can focus on what matters most: your business.

We can take care of the following for a flat, reasonable monthly rate that is much more cost-effective than hiring your own IT staff:

  • Monitoring server availability and individual hardware components such as
    memory usage, disk availability, processor utilization, logged events and
    other errors
  • Monitoring of servers’ antivirus systems
  • Monitoring and confirmation of backups
  • Monitoring of workstations for memory utilization, disk usage, processor utilization, etc.
  • Monitoring of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for events, battery strength, reserve time, and battery age
  • Prompt installation of Microsoft and third party patches
  • Monitoring of Domain Name Services (DNS), Internet access, firewalls, switches, and SPAM Filtering
  • Workstation patch management
  • Quarterly business review of your IT systems with a CTSI Technology Consultant, including extensive reporting

And that’s just the beginning!

If anything unusual comes up, you can rest assured that CTSI will notify you promptly, and will recommend a course of action.

With CTSI as your virtual IT Department, you can get the peace of mind, affordability, and quality assurance that your company deserves. Plus, CTSI has multiple Managed Services programs with different support levels to fit your business IT needs, so you’re sure to find a program that’s the right fit for you.

Ask a CTSI Technology Consultant how

Managed Services

can optimize your IT Network today!

Risk Reduction with Managed Services

With CTSI's ability to monitor and optimize your IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, cost-effective access to enterprise-level support is now within your reach. Many potential issues can be predicted and identified before they occur, saving you and your system from any downtime.

As a CTSI Managed Services client, you will receive performance reports for your IT systems. This information will allow you to see when aging or defective equipment is beginning to negatively affect your business, before it becomes a significant issue.

Plus, CTSI manages Windows and antivirus updates for all your servers and workstations, which helps keep your network safe and secure.

Experience the freedom that comes with the reassurance that your business-critical systems are secure and monitored at all times!

Cost Savings with Managed Services

CTSI is able to monitor and support your network at a fraction of what it would cost you to employ a full-time staff to perform the same duties. Your savings go far beyond the salaries and benefits you would have spent, because CTSI can offer a staff of technology experts with many different areas of expertise. Our experience allows us to troubleshoot and repair issues quickly, saving you even more money.

Think about it this way: a well-maintained, proactively-serviced network and devices will always run better than those that are not. With our Proactive Network Monitoring, Patch Management, and Device Optimization performed on a regular basis, you will see a tremendous difference. You can enjoy the benefit of CTSI spending time to prevent fires, rather than you spending all of your time fighting fires. And if an abnormal situation does occur, we can have you notified and can get a recommended solution to you in less than an hour, in most cases.

Through these Managed Services, you can better control and manage your overall operating costs, which is of utmost importance during these uncertain economic times. A well-managed and efficiently executed Managed Services maintenance program will keep your system downtime to a minimum, which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Contact us to find out how you can start saving money today!

Other Benefits of Managed Services

Besides saving you money and decreasing your risk, CTSI's Managed Services Program provides other benefits, as well. When you let CTSI manage your IT needs, you will have more time and energy to focus on your company's core competencies. Time and resources previously spent dealing with IT issues can now be invested in growing and enhancing your business.

Proactively monitoring systems and services is a much more efficient model than the traditional "break-fix" model. A tremendous amount of time, energy, and money can be saved by doing things in a preventive manner, as opposed to having your in-house IT personnel or traditional reactive service provider scrambling around troubleshooting things.

CTSI has experience working with a variety of businesses, both large and small, and can help you meet your business goals--no matter what industry you're in. And as your business grows, CTSI ensures that your technology solutions will scale along with you. CTSI has the breadth and depth to handle your organization's IT needs--whether it be in the Lubbock area, statewide, or across the nation, thanks to our various affiliations.