6 technology issues faced by the education sector and how to solve them

From assessment delivery to customized learning models, technology has a wide-ranging effect on our education sector. Here's what you should know about these evolving tech challenges and how you might overcome them

The Top Tech Trends Reshaping the Modern Classroom

Technology in modern schools is changing at a rapid pace. With our help, you can stay on top of it all – see how we can help you.

5 ways managed services address municipal government pain points

Municipal governments have many technological challenges, and managed services can be the answer to them. Read how they can solve 5 of the most prominent pain points.
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Do you need a special phone for VoIP? (and other questions you’ve been afraid to ask)

VoIP technology can become a great asset to your business… if you implement it smoothly. Here are the answers to the VoIP questions you’ve always had.

4 reasons it’s finally time to make the switch to unified communications

The process of “unified communication” offers several key benefits that are extremely beneficial to organizations of all sizes. Here are 4 of them.
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Is penetration testing a good idea? (Hint: Yes). Here are 6 reasons why.

While there are many approaches your business can take to prevent cybercrime, often testing them isn’t a high priority. Penetration testing, however, is a critical tactic to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy and ensure you cybersecurity protocol doesn’t have gaps.
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Why penetration testing matters to your business

Also called ethical hacking, penetration testing looks for network vulnerabilities to address the security posture of an organization. From security services and policies to staff awareness and disaster response plans, it's important to understand why pen testing matters to your business.
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Cybersecurity essentials for regulated industries

All companies need to protect their customer data, but regulated industries have a special obligation. Cybercriminals are smart and they go where the money is. Here are some cybersecurity best practices that can prevent data breaches from bringing your operation to a crashing halt.
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Don't ignore these key parts of your business continuity plan

A business continuity plan that focuses on cybersecurity and compliance is needed to prevent downtime and minimize losses. It is essential for ensuring that your business continues to operate in the event of a disaster, whether it be natural or cybercriminal in origin.
network assessment tips

6 things your network assessment should include

From identifying bottlenecks or obsolete hardware and software, to bolstering security and establishing a solid disaster plan, a complete business network assessment will ensure you suffer as little downtime as possible and increase your company’s overall productivity.