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With Abilene, Texas consistently growing, this means more businesses are relying on technology for daily business operations.

CTSI has the technology solutions and experts to work together with businesses in Abilene, Texas to achieve growth and success. From ensuring your business data stays protected to providing solutions to grow your business, CTSI has you covered.

Let the technology experts at CTSI guide your business into making smart technology decisions and keep your business competitive in your industry.

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Managed IT solutions from industry experts

Fully managed IT services with strategic guidance, proactive maintenance and unlimited support to meet all your business needs.

On-site computer services for business PC and server repairs and upgrades anytime issues arise.

Rock solid data backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to meet your business needs and ensure your data is safe and secure.

Managed cybersecurity services with continuous monitoring, management and support for a real time security solution to protect your business all the time.

Let our industry experts analyze your system and design a network support solution that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

We have the leading cloud solutions that will bring you to the forefront of cloud service technology and help your business reach new levels of productivity.

What our clients are saying

“The peace of mind that CTSI has been able to give us in our daily operations has been very beneficial for us, and we have been very pleased over the course of our relationship with CTSI. They are wonderful to contact us when they see an issue, and they are always available when we have questions.”


“The staff at CTSI is courteous, and when you call them with a concern, it is truly like calling one of your own team members. CTSI has improved our businesses success by providing an entire IT team for our institution. As we began to grow in our different markets across West Texas, our once one-man IT department has now turned into a full team with CTSI.”


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