dawson county judge

County Judge

“Dawson County didn’t have any dedicated IT services prior to consulting with CTSI. Since then, we have been very pleased with the services CTSI has provided for us.”

“We are protected with backup and disaster recovery, managed services, and security, and the service and personnel are second to none. I can tell you that I feel 100% safe and that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of our County offices are fully protected.”

“I would recommend CTSI to anyone that has the need to be secure in this modern day cyber world.”

Judge O’Brien

A.C.T. Operating

“Our company has been a client of CTSI for five years. As a small company with only four employees, we do not have the budget for a full-time IT person on staff — because of this, CTSI is a great fit for us.”

“We have secure backups that we never have to worry about, and whenever anything is out of the ordinary with our network or internet access, we receive a call from the CTSI staff letting us know what is going on and how they will rectify the situation.”

“Since becoming a client of CTSI, I have not had one computer issue that could not be handled and our office productivity is always at 100%. There is no one better to serve your IT needs than CTSI.”

Don “D.R.” Raymond, Jr.

act operating company

Bass & Associates


“We have had a wonderful experience working with CTSI over the years. Their technicians are always professional in appearance, performance, presentation, and communication. They listen to what we need, then find a way to make it happen.”

“We know that if something happens, we can call and get help in a timely manner and have the comfort of knowing that it will get taken care of. We work in an industry with many security regulations and have found that CTSI is aware of these restrictions and know how to handle them appropriately.”

“By doing their job, we can do our job better.”

Jennifer Dever

“CTSI has been an incredible asset to the Lubbock Spine Institute for over a decade. We have been — and continue to be — more than satisfied with the services provided by CTSI.”

“Our practice has grown tremendously over the past few years and CTSI has been there every step of the way, ensuring we are equipped with the proper tools needed to run a successful practice of this size. We have utilized multiple facets of their company offerings including desktop support, backup and disaster recovery, networking, and so much more (and have never been disappointed).”

“They truly make running our day-to-day operations so much easier. The staff is always friendly, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable and never seem too busy to help when we are in need.”

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with CTSI and would highly recommend them to anyone with IT needs!”

Mindy Jackson

Lubbock Spine



“CTSI provides managed services, security, disaster recovery, and phone support for our institution. With the increased focus on cybersecurity in the banking industry, CTSI continues to go above and beyond in all areas, and we are pleased with their services.”

“The staff at CTSI is courteous, and when you call them with a concern, it is truly like calling one of your own team members. CTSI has improved our businesses success by providing an entire IT team for our institution. As we began to grow in our different markets across West Texas, our once one-man IT department has now turned into a full team with CTSI. With the dedicated staff at CTSI, I no longer worry about succession in our IT department.”

Dan Odom



otool industry

“O’Tool Industries has been using CTSI as our main IT solution for about eight months. We are very pleased with our experience so far. CTSI works in the background most days, allowing us to put our customers first. We know our computers are reliable, giving us the confidence to focus on helping our customers.”

“We rarely need to interact with CTSI’s service department but when we do, they are always available, friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Reps typically solve our problems within one day or less, and each rep keeps detailed notes in our account so any available rep can solve our IT problems. They are willing to go above and beyond for their clients.”

“CTSI also provides us with detailed reports and quarterly reviews. The sales rep assigned to O’Tool ensures we are getting the products and services we need to run our IT system well but does not try to push us into unnecessary, expensive products.”

“Overall, I would recommend CTSI to any company that is tired of fighting with their computers and wants a system to be a useful tool to help them reach their business goals.“

Kelly Dillon

Jackson Farms

“We have had the opportunity and privilege of using various services offered to us by CTSI over the past 5 years. We use several different services they offer — including security, backup, and 24-hour IT support.”

The peace of mind that CTSI has been able to give us in our daily operations has been very beneficial for us, and we have been very pleased over the course of our relationship with CTSI. They are wonderful to contact us when they see an issue, and they are always available when we have questions.”

“If they don’t have an answer to our problem, they continue to research until they find a solution.”

Karen Jackson