Windows 7 server 2008 EOL

Windows Server 2008 has done a lot of good in its time, but like all good things, it is about to come to an end. With January 2020 marking the end of life for the server, you need to understand the risks of continuing to use it.

2020: Why Cybersecurity Is More Important for the Future

Cybersecurity is a major concern for business owners. As technology evolves, more devices are placed on networks, creating even greater risks and vulnerabilities. Putting the right policies and best practices in place will help combat the risks of data breaches as well diligence in ensuring they are followed.

The Best Present for Small Businesses: CyberSecurity

If you’re a small business owner, cybersecurity may seem like an unnecessary expense. Small businesses, however, are among the most targeted. Putting the right cybersecurity policies and best practices in place will reduce your chances of attack while providing the ultimate protection you deserve.

Whale Phishing vs Spear Phishing

You are committed to keeping your business safe and secure, which is why you need to know about the potential threats you face. What is whale phishing, or whaling, and what threat does it pose? What is spear phishing and what might this mean for your business? Let's take a look.

5 Ways Technology Can Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Most all healthcare entities are in the business of digital patient data. While this accessibility to patient data can help improve care, it also must be safeguarded per the rules of HIPAA.

Top Tech Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry

Both private and public health sectors have a significant number of hurdles to cross before the full potential of the technology can be realized. In this article, we’ll examine the top eight tech challenges facing the healthcare industry. Let’s get started.

6 Technology Issues Faced by the Education Sector and How to Solve Them

From assessment delivery to customized learning models, technology has a wide-ranging effect on our education sector. Here's what you should know about these evolving tech challenges and how you might overcome them

The Top Tech Trends Reshaping the Modern Classroom

Technology in modern schools is changing at a rapid pace. With our help, you can stay on top of it all – see how we can help you.

5 Ways Managed Services Address Municipal Government Pain Points

Municipal governments have many technological challenges, and managed services can be the answer to them. Read how they can solve 5 of the most prominent pain points.

HIPAA Compliance

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Businessman using phone

Do you need a special phone for VoIP? (and other questions you’ve been afraid to ask)

VoIP technology can become a great asset to your business… if you implement it smoothly. Here are the answers to the VoIP questions you’ve always had.

4 reasons it’s finally time to make the switch to unified communications

The process of “unified communication” offers several key benefits that are extremely beneficial to organizations of all sizes. Here are 4 of them.