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8 Ways to Stay Focused On Your Small Business This Summer

used with permission from Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Blog Does your home-based business run smoothly for most of the year but gets derailed in the summer? Maybe the longer days make you want to spend more time outside. Or maybe you can’t stand the idea of all your friends going on a great […]

Seeing Threats Hidden in Encrypted Traffic

used with the permission of https://thenetwork.cisco.com by Jason Deign The encryption that protects your online data can also hide malware. Detecting these harmful threats has been a problem… until now. Encryption is a valuable ally in maintaining privacy. It keeps our data safe from prying eyes. It stops people robbing our credit card details, our […]

Computer Transition Services, Inc. Ranked Among Top 501 Managed Service Providers by MSPmentor

10th Annual MSP 501 Ranking and Study Identifies World’s Most Progressive MSPs in Information Technology DATE -June 30, 2017: Computer Transition Services, Inc. ranks among the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs), according to MSPmentor’s 10th-annual MSP 501 Worldwide Company Rankings. The top MSP 501 companies ranked this year include organizations from around […]

Don’t overlook your monitor

used with permission from HP Technology at Work For some, the term “tech innovation” brings to mind new PC form factors and unique printing methods. But high-tech innovation doesn’t stop at hardware—it also includes displays. In recent years, display innovation has produced heightened resolution, connectivity, functionality, and ROI. Displays are sleek, stylish, more robust, and […]

WannaCry worries? Update now.

used with permission from the FTC by Nat Wood You’ve probably heard about the ransomware attack affecting organizations’ computer systems around the world. Here’s the best thing your company can do to avoid it: Update your operating system and other software. Now. The ransomware, known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt, locks you out of your systems […]

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Hits Organizations Globally

On Friday, May 12th, tens of thousands of ransomware attacks struck more than 74 countries, including the United States, within hours. This unprecedented ransomware attack crippled a number of UK hospitals, where staff were unable to access patient records and appointments because their files were taken hostage. The ransomware infection has continued spreading, though by […]

6 Steps to Securing Your Email

used with permission from HP Technology at Work Is your company’s email providing a tempting route for cyber criminals to attack your business? Hackers continue to target businesses with phishing attacks. Once opened, these malicious email messages can hijack an entire company’s financial information and gain access to funds and personal information. Email is a […]

Why you need to get serious about Cybersecurity

used with permission from HP Technology at Work More than half of small and midsize businesses in the U.S. have suffered a cyber attack in the past year—but despite this frightening reality, very few businesses are making IT security a priority this year. That’s a big mistake, because small business owners are at a greater […]

How hospitals are keeping patient data secure

used with permission from HP Technology at Work Given the wealth of sensitive personal data healthcare organizations process and store, it’s no surprise that hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare systems are prime targets for cybercrime. In 2014, an estimated 85 percent of large healthcare organizations faced a data breach, and one in five of […]