The IT solution that
does more with less

Technology can be a mess for many organizations. You have hardware and software all over the place — costing you money and causing you problems.

But what can you do?

You can leverage an industry-vetted IT solution, like virtualization, to simplify your workload.

Virtualization services from CTSI

What you get:

reduced costs


Virtualization creates a software- defined version of your technology (like apps, desktops, and servers). This limits your need for equipment and reduces costs.

improved mobility


With virtualization, you can access desktops and applications from anywhere with any connected device and maintain productivity no matter where your team is.

modern solutions


You don’t have to be locked into a single vendor with virtualization, and it’s a stepping stone to future-friendly technology solutions like cloud computing.

built in recovery


Snapshots of your virtual machines can be captured in a few clicks or less, which can be used to enable a speedy recovery if data loss occurs.

simplified management


With less onsite equipment, less maintenance is only natural — this means fewer things to manage and fewer problems overall.

increased efficiency


With virtualization, you can pull resources faster, reduce IT-related downtime, do more with less, and minimize the potential for server sprawl.

Your business can benefit from our Business Virtualization Services regardless of your physical location.

“Dawson County didn’t have any services prior to us consulting with CTSI. We have been very pleased with the services CTSI has provided us. We are protected with backup and disaster recovery, managed services and security. The service and personnel are second to none. I can tell you I feel 100% safe and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of our County offices are fully protected. I would recommend CTSI to anyone that has the need to be secure in this modern-day cyber world.”

Foy O’Brien
Dawson County Judge

Is Your Business Ready For Virtualization?

We can design and implement a virtualization solution that complements your company’s unique needs. Virtualization may be right for your business if:

  • You want to reduce operating costs — but not efficiency.
  • You’d like more mobility — but with something that’s easy to manage.
  • You need flexibility — but you don’t want more equipment.

Interested in what our virtualization services can do for your business?